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What harm might cheap sunglasses have?
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2020-09-16 15:10
Sunglasses are really a very useful item, not only the darling of the fashion industry, but also our must-have things in summer. There are also many styles and colors of sunglasses. Many people also like sunglasses, but we You will also find that the price difference of sunglasses is still very large, there are dozens of dollars, and there are hundreds of dollars, so what is the difference between these sunglasses? Let us take a look.


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  Chongqing Yameiou Optical Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale glasses manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of high-end sunglasses, anti-blue glasses and various types of optical frames. It is located in China Poetry City, the first tourist destination of the Three Gorges-Chongqing City Fengjie County, where the factory is located in the Western China (Chongqing) Glasses Industrial Park, is only 6 kilometers away from the Three Gorges, the towering Baidi City written by the poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty and the large-scale landscape performance performed by the internationally renowned director Zhang Yimou. The pre-production site is nearly 10,000 square meters, which can produce nearly 3 million gold frames, titanium frames, sheet frames, injection frames and other types of spectacle frames. The company successfully passed the IS09001:2015 quality management system certification in January 2019. The epidemic has been controlled, and domestic and international trade orders have gradually resumed. In order to quickly respond to the rebirth and vigorous development of the industry in the post-epidemic era, Asia, the United States and Europe are now openly recruiting the following glasses talents from the society:
  Gold frame
  1. One mechanic in Jinjia Xiaochong, with more than 3 years working experience in the same position, 3 masters in gong cutting, and more than 1 year working experience in the same position.
  2. 5 gold frame welding proficients, more than 3 years working experience in the same job.
  3. 1 gold (titanium) frame polishing supervisor, more than 5 years of experience in the same position, knowledge of gold frame rollers is preferred, it is best to independently form a polishing team of 6-10 people (including accessories polishing). There are many experienced gold (titanium) polished hands, with more than 3 years of work experience in the same position (the experienced hands are paid by the piece rate, and the monthly income is more than 8,000).
  4. 3 semi-finished product assembly skilled hands, with more than 2 years of relevant work experience.
  5. A laser welding technician, with more than 2 years of work experience in the same job.
  6. 2 gongs and pile heads are experienced, with more than 1 year working experience in the same position.
  7. 1 horizontal technician, with more than 3 years of experience in the same job, skilled in making various tooling fixtures, molds, etc. for gold (including plastic frames). Those who can skillfully operate wire cutting and spark machines are preferred.
  8. 1 Jinjia hand-operated technician, with more than 3 years experience in the same job. Those with innovative ability are preferred.
  Plastic frame department:
  1. 1 rubber rack roller barrel technician, more than 5 years of work experience, strong professional skills, able to master the barrel time according to the sheet color layer distribution, product size and structure, etc., to master the barrel time, rolling material and rolling oil to reduce polishing best effect.
  2. 3 skilled polishers, more than 3 years of work experience, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have self-checking ability and strong obedience. (Piece rate is implemented, monthly income is about 8,000 yuan).
  3. 3 skilled hands of finished product return, more than 2 years experience in the same job, timing and piece counting.
  4. Glue frame polishing QC/1 person, with more than 3 years of work experience, integrity and loyalty.
  5. 1 technician in the nail and hinge department, with more than 3 years of manual and CNC machine adjustment experience, and a complete set of nail and hinge process is preferred.
  6. There are 1-2 technicians in the nailing department, controlling the pile head and cutting the arm, with more than 3 years of work experience in the same job.
  7. 3 skilled in nail hinge assembly, more than 1 year related work experience.
  8. There are 2 mechanics in the garage, with more than 3 years working experience in the same job.
  Package Beauty Department:
  1. 3 people who are familiar with frame handling, have a good command of gold frame handling, and have more than 8 years of relevant experience.
  2. Finished product QC. 1 skilled transfer printing.
  3. 1 laser technician, able to master the operation and adjustment of the gold rubber laser machine.
  4. 3 experienced finished product assembly, more than 3 years working experience in the same position.
  5. 1 person who is proficient in filming, with more than 3 years working experience in the same position.
  6. One finished product repair technician, with more than 3 years of experience in the same job.
  7. Dizhuan, 1 expert in Diyou, with more than 3 years experience in the same position.
  Add color department:
  1. IP (vacuum) electroplating apprentice, 1 spraying apprentice each, high school education or above, strong hands-on ability, diligent and studious, and obey the arrangement.
  2. Asking 3-5 skilled workers, with more than 1 year of work experience, and good pay.
  Coordination Department:
  1. 1 electroplating documentary, with more than 2 years of work experience in the same position, and outsourcing documentary experience is preferred.
  2. 1 coordinator clerk, with experience in production or model documentary is preferred, proficient in using office software.
  3. 1 material control assistant, familiar with various materials of gold plastic frame, have a certain understanding of the process flow of gold plastic frame, and be proficient in using office software.
  4. 1 warehouse assistant, familiar with office software, working experience in glasses factory warehouse is preferred.
  Quality Department:
  1. 1 quality engineer, assisting the quality supervisor to deal with daily quality affairs, has certain quality control ability, and can skillfully write and process quality documents is preferred.
  2. 1 gold rubber frame production line inspection, familiar with related production technology and process, able to independently grasp related quality standards, bear hardships and stand hard work, and have a sense of responsibility.
  Engineering Department:
  1 draftsman, familiar with the basic structure and technological process of gold plastic frame glasses, and able to draw finished products and accessories country skillfully.
  Injection Department:
  Senior injection molding technician: 1 person, with more than 5 years of experience in the same position, who can skillfully complete the mold adjustment and color matching of the injection molding department, and can independently organize and manage the priority employment of the injection molding team.
  Marketing Department:
  1. Shopping guide in the optical factory shop, 5 sales promotion specialists, female, 20-30 years old, good image, good temperament, relevant work experience, preferential employment, good treatment (can be commissioned according to performance).
  2. 2 network marketing specialists, proficient in e-commerce, can independently handle the editing of product promotion and copywriting, require more than 3 years of relevant work experience, and good treatment (can be commissioned based on performance).
  Human Resources and Administration Department:
  1. There are 10 cadres, no gender limit, technical secondary school or above, proficient in using office software, strong verbal and written expression skills.
  2. There are 20 male and female apprentices in various production departments, aged 20-35, with flexible hands and feet, good eyesight, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and obey the arrangement.
  The above-mentioned positions are generally 20-45 years old. Once hired, they will receive preferential treatment and there will be more room for personal growth as the company develops. (If you have a dream, if you want to be closer to home, so that left-behind children and the elderly are no longer lonely, if... Then come! With your hometown feelings, join Yameiou glasses and create miracles with us) Welcome Friends from Wushan, Wuxi, Yunyang, Wanzhou, Kaizhou, Dazhou, Guang'an, Nanchong, Yichang, Enshi, Lichuan and other cities and counties of the glasses industry in Chongqing Fengjie and its surrounding areas join our team! , In addition to QC, other technical/management positions, you need to send your resume to ys.feng@ymoopticalgroup.com. In particular, for positions above the proficiency level of the company, the salary is not lower than the same level in Shenzhen based on personal ability.
  Mobile phone contact: Miss Zhan 18883691400 (same number on WeChat) Mr. Feng 17783518106 (same brother on WeChat)
  Detailed company address: Building 7#, Phase I, Immigration Ecological Industrial Park, Fengjie County, Chongqing City
  Welcome to call the 24-hour recruitment hotline 17783518106